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Zindela Solutions provides cost effective IT solutions for organizations and businesses of all sizes. If you are looking for a simple cost effective IT management solution without having to deal with multiple vendors and complex pricing plans Zindela Solutions can assist you.

  • Centralized IT Management

    Centralized IT Management

    Zindela Solutions centralizes and manages your organizations IT services such as email, web hosting, IT support, backup, cloud services, Gmail, website design, inventory, computer purchasing and much more in one centralized place so you dont need to deal with multiple vendors and service providors, we take care and handle all these services for you.

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Effective IT Solutions

 We offer customized IT Solutions for your organization or individual needs.

Simple Subscription Plans

Subscribe to any of our easy IT plans and pay by PayPal, credit card or Bank Transfer!

Customer Focused

Awesome Support With a Heart!


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